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New From Craftah Ink. 

A Place On The Web For Artists & Crafters!!

Plan A)  Getting Your Name Out There

$20/Half Year (6 months)

Part of Getting Your Name Out There is a Name, Address, Phone and Art/Craft Product Listing here on the Web where people can find it and you.  Lets get you started on being out here on the World Wide Web by being here at CRAFTAH, Where People Come To Find Maine's Best Arts & Crafts.

Listing might look like:
John Smith, 123 Any Street, Anytown, Maine, 04000-0001, 207.555.5555
Hand Carved & Painted Wooden Toys

Plan B)  Making Your Presence Known On The Web

$40/Half Year
(6 months)

Beyond just getting your name out here is Making Your Presence Known On The Web where you can post photos of your Art/Craft products and inform people how to get in contact with you to purchase them.

5 Photos of your work (changeable every 30 days), a Detailed Listing of the products shown in the photos, your Name, Address, Phone and a General Listing of your overall Art/Craft Products.

Listing might look like:

Donkey & Cart
$125.00 + S & H

Wooden Toys Of Maine

John Smith
123 Any Street
Anytown, Maine 04000-0001


Hand Carved & Painted Wooden Toys

Plan C)  Your Own Website Address At CRAFTAH.com

$60/Half Year
(6 months)

Beyond just getting your name out here or just making your presence known on the web  is having Your Own Website Address on the www.CRAFTAH.com website.

This is accomplished by creating a webpage and storing it on the CRAFTAH website as a "sub-domain" much like GCC.CRAFTAH.com.  These are often the most popular ways to get your information on the Web as they are easier to remember.  As long as you pick something simple... and maybe not something like: TheseAreMyBestCraftsOnTheWeb.CRAFTAH.com...  Missing even one letter or word and people might not find your page.

In addition to your main page you can have up to five (5) sub-pages for photos or special pages for Contact Info, History of Your Craft Making, Craft Fair Calendar, etc.  You can load up to 25 photos total on these pages.  Photos can be changed every 30 days.  You can work with Dale on your page or simply submit your page completed via email or on CD.  More pages and photos are available, contact dale at dale@CRAFTAH.com for specific pricing on an increased page or photo count.

For More Infomation On Your Webpages or Websites On CRAFTAH.com
Contact Dale at dale@CRAFTAH.com or 207.487.6236

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